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Time to Reclaim Your Life!!

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Naumita Rishi

CBT Therapist

Hello, I am Naumita. I am a CBT therapist with a passion of changing minds and healing hearts of my clients. The skills they learn in the sessions with me bring a real difference in the way they think, feel, and react. I have worked with so many people who were stuck in their lives and were struggling. If you think you are experiencing low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma or you are not able to cope with illness or disability or life transition issues, I am here to assist you in your healing journey to reclaim your life!

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I work with individuals to deal with their chronic stress. 

Stress is a normal part of life. We all experience it. Stress is a psychological reaction towards anything that disturbs an individual's physical or mental equilibrium.

But if stress persists for a longer period of time and an individual remains in a continuous alert state, the stress becomes chronic.

Chronic stress is considered as a silent killer. It may affect physical health also. 

Learn stress management techniques and improve your overall health and quality of life.

Trauma & Grief

Loss is understood as a natural part of life.

But some losses result in a traumatic grief, for example, sudden loss o a loved one, witnessing the incident that took a loved one’s life, or making a difficult medical decision regarding a loved one's care such as terminating life support. 

Traumatic grief can challenge the very core of individual's belief system.

If you think you are experiencing traumatic grief, I am here to help you to stabilize and process your traumatic grief.


I work with individuals who suffer from depression.

Depression affects the way individuals think, feel and behave.

Individuals who develop depression, usually feel discouraged, sad, angry, hopeless, low on energy, lack of motivation, or feel overwhelmed by daily tasks and personal interactions. 

If you think you are experiencing the same symptoms for a long time and you are not able to deal with them on your own, I am here to help.

Anxiety Disorders

I work with individuals who are struggling with anxiety issues.

Experiencing a certain degree of anxiety is natural. But experiencing too much anxiety becomes problematic. Living with a constant or near-constant state of anxiety gives the feeling of "out of control." 

Anxiety severely impacts  an individual's social, interpersonal and professional life.

If you think you have anxiety issues, I will help you navigate your emotions and release your anxiety.

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